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Financial Basics, Tutorial #3 Maybe not stocks?

This video tutorial is available for watching at YouTube or here for free. My YouTube name is Featureman.

Stocks are not the right investment for everyone. You might be more comfortable with bonds or collectibles or antiques or real estate as your main source of wealth. Check all avenues of investment and decide what is best for your ease of mind. Alternate means of investment might be best for you.

Old Guitar Old guitars from the 1930s and 40s and other eras have become very collectible. Check your attic and garage. Some people will pay many thousands of dollars for certain 1960s Fender or Les Paul vintage guitars. Amps also might be collectible. Some people sell items on e-Bay and others use Craigslist or a business place which sells on consignment. Old cars and furniture also are in the collectible catagory. If stocks are not for you, maybe a collectible commodity would make an enjoyable and rewarding hobby. Each person has an area of interest and knowledge different from the next person.

Dream big, but invest with caution

Chef The road to wealth for some people might be owning their own business. Whether you start your own restaurant or open a fast food franchise or decide to have an online recipe site with advertising is a choice you might want to make. There are many businesses which can be started on a small budget and some which require major investments of money and time.

The IRS form Schedule C which is used for business income, can be used for other money making activities. You do not need a brick and mortar building with an inventory and employees. You can make an income on a website all by yourself, with advertising, and the expenses for webhosting or designing or other costs can be deducted on a Schedule C. Check it out.