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Financial Basics, Tutorial #11 Where to Begin Stock Researching

This video tutorial is available for watching at YouTube or here for free. My YouTube name is Featureman.

Here are 101 stock symbols. These are not necessarily recommended as "buys," but they are very good stocks to study. Read everything you can about the statistics for each of these companies if you are just beginning to study the market. Some of these are in the Dow 30 Industrials, others are fast food or automobile manufacturers. Some are conglomerates which make products found on shelves at supermarkets.

When you are looking at the pages of information for this diverse group of stocks, check the P/E (Price/Earnings) ratio, the volume (number of shares traded daily), 52 week High and Low price per share, Dividend, Earnings and current price for starters.

Here are the 101 stock symbols in no particular order;


The symbols are not links. They are merely suggestions of companies to use as you begin to research stocks. Use other symbols if you prefer. Google has similar companies for each company that is shown on their Financial page. You can jump to a similar company or stay with the list of stocks above or use any stock symbol.

As you look up the symbols at Google or Yahoo or any financial page you will notice NLY pays a very high dividend, YUM has some very familiar fast food names inside its corporate umbrella, PFE and BMY and JNJ are in the same type of business as MRK. There are some surprises such as GOOG's price per share. DIS and CAT and MSFT and T are all familiar brands. Research their debt, their income per share, the news stories about their latest decisions. Have fun.

Below are links to Yahoo and Google Financial pages.

Google Financial Pages

Yahoo Financial Pages

Dream big, but invest with caution

You will need a brokerage account to actually buy and sell stocks, but you can make your own free portfolio to follow at Yahoo or Google Finance. It is best to play for funsies before you try investing your money in the market..