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Apple, INC, AAPL

Trading week beginning Tuesday, February 20, 2018

AAPL is a high tech company.

My recommendation is for those investors who are willing to hold their stock purchases for one year or longer or sell for a short term gain if the price goes up enough before one year has passed. AAPL has good earnings and a dividend and a moderate P/E ratio. AAPL trades about 40,000,000 shares daily. AAPL has enough cash to add a much bigger dividend sometime in 2018. It is about $172. I do own this stock now.

These are some stocks and funds which you might want to research. There are many other stocks to choose from. Start wherever you decide to look and follow every link of information and news about any company before you invest. Do not believe any claims made by companies which send you pamphlets. Once you are on a list of investors anywhere you will receive mailings and e-mails about sure fire rocket companies which you must buy now. Ignore them.

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